The amazing global travels of Mr King's pet dragon – part of @thedellschool


HOME BANNER  Dai the Dragon is Mr King’s pet dragon and he has travelled around the world and met many famous people. On this website you can see all the incredible places that he has visited and learn about carbon footprints – He’s not a human who paid for his ticket so it doesn’t really count for him – he doesn’t create a carbon footprint because he never travels on his own. Click the continents above to see where Dai has visited.


So far, Dai the Dragon has travelled:

644,078 Miles
 That’s all the way to the moon and back
(& nearly all the way to the moon again!)

or nearly 26 times around the world at the Equator!

  (average distance to the moon is 238,857 miles – Circumference of Earth at Equator is 24,901 miles)

PLUS North Pole and Halley Research Station in Antarctica

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